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Writing back MusicBrainz IDs in all Uppercase? (2)
MusicBrainz Field Mappings not Up-to-Date (6)
Left SplitContainer Controls not Right-Side Docking (v2.88) (2)
Cannot drag'n'drop files from Rekordbox to v2.88 (2)
[F] Cursor focus not returned properly after closing Tag Panel (1)
Aero Snap doesn't work in Mp3tag window (7)
Discrepancy in return CDDB data (4)
DISCID from freedb.org (2)
Quick Launch shortcut gets deleted when installing Mp3tag (2)
Rename mode is triggered even if item lost focus in the meantime (3)
Clicking to edit a field (6)
Changing file name from discnumber/track - title - etc (4)
Loading new files from Explorer/Dopus with existing files & extended tag panel open (2)
Flaw in Help: missing MP3TAGAPP and MP3TAGAPPDATA (2)
Options dialogue not locked when updating local freedb index (3)
Closing Options dialogue during db cleanup causes exception (4)
Actions duplicate loses focus (10)
M4a field length CAPPED to itunes limits (7)
[F] Drag&Drop while writing Tags causes exception (2)
[F] No update of status bar when loading new set in filter mode (3)
[F] Cannot drop dragged files from a Plain View selection from FreeCommander (4)
[F] Sending multiple files from foobar to Mp3tag does not send them all (19)
[F] Web Sources "json_foreach" command problem (3)
[F] Web Sources "json_select_many" command output garbled (3)
[F] Pasting Lyrics into the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag, gets cut of when there is a Pipe Symbol somehere in the text (14)
[F] Error with Special Characters in Album Name when Querying Musicbrainz (2)
[F] Value initialization error? (3)
[F] Invalid character shown at end of LAME encoder version (19)
[F] Not writing MKV Tags (7)