Bug Reports   Fixed Bugs

Saving OggOpus Tags with an image is super slow (8)
Failure to remove multiple FLAC tags (9)
Un-supported vs. no-extension files (13)
Files without extension are shown as associated with Winamp (10)
Tag sources 'json_select_array' did not convert UTF-8 encoded data correctly (4)
Duplicate standard fields in Tag Panel after update to v2.89 (5)
List of missing files disappears in v2.89a (9)
Can not tag paste? (5)
Cover image count disappears after nine images (3)
Tag panel malfunctioning (11)
Using /fp: files are not ordered correctly (17)
Export configured user-defined genres (9)
Export problem since 2.89a (14)
Minor bug: Undo freedb (4)
Possible timing issue during update resulting in data fields being blanked out (7)
Version 2.89a - Win7 32Bit Memory Issues when scanning collections with Column of %_cover_width_% active (9)
Wrong characters in error message with German Umlaute (7)
Auto-numbering wizard writes blank instead of zero (7)
Inconsistent HTML generated in 2.89 (4)
In 2.84+, batch importing cover art into OGGs via an action takes forever, compared to 2.83 (7)
Runtime error when using right-click tools (9)
Musicbrainz: no entries matching search criteria (4)
Incorrect count of selected files shown in Status Bar (3)
Directory field not populated in Tag Panel when opening Mp3tag from Windows context menu (4)
[F] Sending multiple files from foobar to Mp3tag does not send them all ( 2 ) (21)
Save tags WITH MOUSE CLICK does not work, if value is SELECTED from existing ones IN PERSONALLY ADDED FIELDS of Tag Panel (2.88b) ( 2 ) (26)
V2.88d: Tag-Panel does not show UNSYNCEDLYRICS in vertical layout (9)
[F] Refreshing of _file_mod_date (7)
[F] Cannot drop files dragged from a Plain View selection from FreeCommander (6)
Writing back MusicBrainz IDs in all Uppercase? (3)