Bug Reports

Filtering selection glitches [Fixed Bugs] (2)
Converter Tag - Filename validates %_length% before applying other functions around [No Bugs] (2)
[AF] Popularimeter Tag Fails in 2.48c ( 2 3 ) [Bug Reports] (42)
Saving OggOpus Tags with an image is super slow [Fixed Bugs] (7)
Failure to remove multiple FLAC tags [Fixed Bugs] (8)
Un-supported vs. no-extension files [Fixed Bugs] (12)
Files without extension are shown as associated with Winamp [Fixed Bugs] (9)
Tag sources 'json_select_array' did not convert UTF-8 encoded data correctly [Fixed Bugs] (3)
Duplicate standard fields in Tag Panel after update to v2.89 [Fixed Bugs] (4)
List of missing files disappears in v2.89a [Fixed Bugs] (8)
Actions No Longer Sorting by User Order [No Bugs] (6)
%_total% not working in filter and as a column [Bug Reports] (1)
Possible Bugs? - Column Editor (left pane) editor appearance and behavior [Bug Reports] (3)
[X] MP3TAG Importing M3U files is dropping tracks ( 2 ) [No Bugs] (21)
Can not tag paste? [Fixed Bugs] (4)
Cover image count disappears after nine images [Fixed Bugs] (2)
Cannot embed large size cover image(s) for FLAC [No Bugs] (5)
Writing performance for files outside of Library [Bug Reports] (10)
Tag panel malfunctioning [Fixed Bugs] (10)
Using /fp: files are not ordered correctly [Fixed Bugs] (16)
Export configured user-defined genres [Fixed Bugs] (8)
Export problem since 2.89a [Fixed Bugs] (13)
Minor bug: Undo freedb [Fixed Bugs] (3)
Possible timing issue during update resulting in data fields being blanked out [Fixed Bugs] (6)
Persistent requests to disable write protection [No Bugs] (3)
Actions | Configurable - No Dialog Box [No Bugs] (4)
Version 2.89a - Win7 32Bit Memory Issues when scanning collections with Column of %_cover_width_% active [Fixed Bugs] (8)
Wrong characters in error message with German Umlaute [Fixed Bugs] (6)
Auto-numbering wizard writes blank instead of zero [Fixed Bugs] (6)
[X] BUG: something amiss with genre fields in m4a/mp4 [No Bugs] (8)