2.41b - NEW: type and description of cover art can now also be set via the Tag Sources dialog.

I see that Mp3tag can change the image type now. I hope this will also be made accessible for manual tagging via the extended tag windows, will it not? :frowning:

It's there, you can't see it? :flushed:

No, I can't. The cover panel at the right looks the same as in 2.41a... Front Cover is still the default and there's no way to change this image type.

:wink: I'm asking whether it will be added to the extended tag windows (either as an extension to the system's open file dialog or to the extended tag window itself), now that the program's core has complete support for embedded images, it should be easy to make this feature accessible everywhere where embedding images can be done.

Right click on the cover, that's how it works everywhere.

Thanks! Indeed it's there!

Oh really? I didn't know about the right-click menu at all until now and Mp3tag is the only tagger I've used.

PS: Uhm, since what version is the image type changeable via this pop up menu? :astonished: I get the feeling that it's been in Mp3tag for a long time now while I was assuming it's not. I'm afraid I've spread word elsewhere that Mp3tag is not capable of changing the image type! :huh:

...everywhere in Mp3tag where this functionality is available.

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