A method to produce DISPLAY ARTIST

As mentioned above, I'm seeking for a method to produce DISPLAY ARTIST from either readily available ARTIST and ARTISTS field.

I tried devising a method thru Actions but just can't seem to wrap my head around it. To be clearer, this is whatI'm trying to do:

Description: From ARTIST and ARTISTS, create a tool or preset to produce DISPLAY ARTIST in the same order as ARTIST.
Screenshot 2020-12-13 202621

See the FAQs on how to copy one field to another:

I understand that the solution I seek requires using the scripting function of mp3tag. I am not proficient in using that method. Is there a way to do that with Action or can you guide me on executing the intended function?

As far as I can see the linked post mentions an action of the type "Format value" to copy ARTIST to ALBUMARTIST. No scripting.
In your case I assume instead of ALBUMARTIST use DISPLAY ARTIST.
Please note that "DISPLAY ARTIST" is a user-defined and no standard field.

Problem has been solved. Thank you for your guidance.

Create a preset titled "produce DISPLAY ARTIST"

  1. Using Action function, create a new preset and use format value
  2. Input Field = DISPLAY ARTIST [where you want to paste]
  3. Input format string = %artist% [what you want to copy]
  4. Click OK

Musicbee utilizes this DISPLAY ARTIST field by having you show [Calvin Harris, Alesso, Hurts] while having the ARTIST field display [Calvin Harris/Alesso/Hurts]

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