About command line parameters and context menu


I'm a long time user of Mp3tag. When I edit files/folders with MP3s I usually right click on them and select Mp3tag from the context menu.

I also have the file manager Total Commander installed. I'd like to add a button that will do exactly the same as the Mp3tag menu entry from the context menu.

At the path entry of that button I need to add the command. If I put the path to Mp3tag.exe only, it will open the program but with the file list empty. Is there a command line parameter that passes the selected files/folders to Mp3tag when I click that button from Total Commander?

How to invoke Mp3tag with commandline parameter see Mp3tag Help Manual.
How to apply Total Commander parameters see Total Commander Manual.

For example ... this will load the entire folder from one selected file


If you find out a way to tell TCMD, using parameter %L or %UL, how to create a temporary list file, with a dedicated filename and extension ".m3u" or ".m3u8", ...
then calling ... Mp3tag.exe /fn:"List.m3u" ...
will have the same behaviour as the Windows Explorer using the Mp3tag shell extension.


Thanks. It's pretty close for what I want. The thing that it's missing is the ability to edit tags only for the files or folders that I selected.

While in Total Commander, there is also the standard way to go, ...
same as Windows Explorer, to load only the selected files into Mp3tag:
open the selected file's context menu by pressing the secondary mouse click, ...
then select the menu item "Mp3tag", if there is one.


Yes I know that. Only that instead that Mp3tag context menu entry I'd prefer that button that I'm talking about. It's faster to click one button than to right click and select an option from a context menu.

I made a tool for that:

That's great. Thanks. :music: