Action dialog box too small with scaling in Windows 10

v3.11 (Windows 10 64-bit)
I have scaling of fonts and other items set to 125% due to poor eyesight. Unfortunately MP3TAG does not like this and some of the child dialog boxes don't display correctly. The worst is the Action one which of course, we use all the time. Any workaround suggestions? I tried using the Windows Compatibility Wizard to change the settings but it didn't help.


I cannot confirm this behaviour. Globally changing the scale to 125 % works here.
How do you change the scaling?

I read

and meanwhile the uptodate version is 3.11e and with
3.11d (2021-11-19)
there was this

  • FIX: remembered dialog sizes resulted in dialog contents partly invisible in certain situations. (#55129)

So: does an update solve it?

Yes, the update to 3.11e solved the problem with the child window.

FWIW, I reproduced the issue on two computers. I have a 2K monitor and without a scaling factor (System / Display / Scaling Factor / 125%), everything is super small. It creates issues with other programs. The one that drives me crazy because the Developer ignores requests to address interface issues like this is Keepass which I also use regularly.

It's an issue I've introduced with v3.11 and I'm glad the update to the latest Development Build fixes the issue for you.

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