Action for change multiple artist delimiter

Is there a way to change the delimiter for multiple artists?
Currently i have ";" like:
"Nirvana;Michael Jackson;Guns N Roses"
I would like to change it to "," for all artists betwen the first and the last, for the last (or if only 2 are available) an "&".
Nirvana & Michael Jackson
or more then 2:
Nirvana, Michael Jackson & Guns N Roses.
I know how to change all ";" to "," but i cant find a way to get the "&" if i need/want them.
And doint it manualy would be a pain...
Is there a way to make an action for what i need? Thanks, and sorry for my bad english

see here:

and once you have replaced the last semicolon with an ampersand, replace all other semicoli with a comma.

thank you, dont know why i didnt found it. but i tried it now, and i dont get it to work.
it just replaces at the end i have everthing with "&" and a replace all with comma results in everything comma. That problem i had before also, i dont get it to work to only replace the last (or if only 2 artist, the first and only) comma with an &. Maybe there were some changes in mp3tag since 2016, and thats why it dosnt work?

So, what did you try?

i used this. changed the search string from comma to semicolon and it replaced all not only the last one.
also when i changed all to comma, like the first poster had, it and i used the same string, it changed all to ampersand.

Try Converter>Tag-Tag for ARTIST
Format string: $regexp($replace(%artist%,;,', '),'(.*), (.*)',$1 & $2)

thanks, that did the trick :slight_smile:

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