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Like most users I would think I have multiple actions that are applied to different files and therefore have multiple action "GROUPS" created using my actions. What I am suggesting is this...Is there a possibility of creating an "ACTION GROUP" drop down either in addition to the Action drop down menu or a button? I am aware that these Action Groups are available via a sub menu of the Actions drop down just wondering if perhaps they could be moved more towards the forefront for ease of access or perhaps even putting them in the "tools" menu?
Is there a possibility of customization to the tool bar? To allow things like the "Tools" and the "ACTION GROUP" request above to be added as separate buttons?

I am not quite sure that I understand what you are looking and whether this feature may already be there...

There is the menu Actions>Actions... where you define new Action Groups
In the same menu you find the already defined Action Groups.

In the toolbar you have 2 buttons: Actions (quick) and Actions with a dropdown list arrow next to it.
If you click on the dropdown list arrow button then you get the list of currently defined action groups... Is that what you were looking for?

Similar, the dropdown lists all the actions that are existing however for example one to move "THE" to the end of an artist name, one to create folders for Disc numbers, one to remove the numbers from Discogs artist names etc. You have the ability to use each of these scripts individually or you have the ability to combine these into a "grouping" (which may not be the appropriate term as the way to save it calls them "UTILS")
You have a sequence setup using the Actions Menu Button than the UTILS button which allows you to choose via check mark boxes what groups (say The to the end and folders for individual discs but NOT the Dicsogs artist name corrections) you wish to use and same it under a name of your choice.

What I am looking for is a way to access the UTILS save sequences faster than having to click into here than click into there than choose the one that I want to apply. My suggestion was to add a button (shaded out if user has not created any predefined UTILS) to allow ease of access.

I hope I have better explained my point.

I have found a similar request under post 9248 For Nested Actions which is quite old however appears to have some newer posts.

I'm trying to figure out what you mean because one can already organize action groups together into submenus. For each individual action group, say the first one in the screenshot below (its filename being "&Featuring and Guest Artists#&1 &Artist feat. to title (feat.)"), they often run several actions; the one I pointed out to can be executed with the following key sequence: ALT+s f a. For my general post-tagging clean up action group, it executes 99 actions when called upon. If I run all of action groups within a submenu at the the same time, it will cause chaos.

If you have action groups that you run sequentially, why not merge their actions into one action group? Unfortunately, in my experience, merging action groups isn't as easy it sounds. I have to do some text manipulation and column editing/autonumbering in notepad++ to accomplish it (replace LF's with a delimiter, column edit to remove numbers of the action group to be merged, use column tools to autonumber actions and replace the delimiters with LF's).

Now, I would get behind an easier, more automated way to merging action groups. The current approach (/t/13941/1 is fine for small groups, but not when one is trying to merge an action group with 50 actions to another one that has the same number of actions, hence the need for a program like notepad++.

That is basically what I am trying to setup but am at a loss as to how? Care to share?

Sorry for the quick response there without any real explanation...wanted to enter something than had to step away quickly.
In essence that is what I am looking for to Merge into groups...And have now had a look at the topic you have indicated. Surprised that I did not come across that before especially it is from some time back.

Will attempt to work with the suggestions provided in the /t/13941/1 post and see what plays out.

Gladly. Note, the topic I linked merely merges two action groups into one. For example, if you find yourself running two action groups in order without doing anything else in between, then you might want to merge the two. The screenshot I displayed is something different though. It is merely a way to organize your action groups into more convenient submenus, which can be executed by particular key sequences rather than hunting and clicking them with your mouse. I will talk about this organization method here.

Here's the screenshot again:

The action group highlighted by the blue box is named in the following manner (also, see how it looks in the action groups menu below):

&Featuring and Guest Artists#&1 &Artist feat. to title (feat.) & = Hotkey trigger where the following letter could be a hotkey #& = Divider that places the text following these symbols into a submenu (#& is not a hotkey trigger itself)

Hotkey for the above action group: ALT+s f a
ALT+s = Brings up the action menu
f = &Featuring
a = &Artist

I organize my action groups in the following manner:

Category or &Family of Action Groups#&1 Name of &Action Group

Hotkey for the above action group example: ALT+s f a
ALT+s = Brings up the action menu
f = &Family
a = &Action

I hope you are starting to pick up the pattern right now. Next is organizing them on your Action's menu (red outline above), which trigged by the hotkey, ALT+s.

As you can see from above, my action menu is not organized by alphabetical order. I organized it in the order I generally process my tags. To set a custom order, opening up the action group menu: ALT+6 or press the action button outlined in red below. Now, use the up and down arrow buttons (red box on lower right hand side) to position which category comes first. As you can see, you do not need to position all of the action groups found in the submenu, one is enough. After you are done, press "OK" to set it. If you press cancel, any changes you made in your organization are not saved.

Note, text in the submenus are organized alphanumerically. That is why I often have numbers following "#&" to make sure that submenus are organized as I see fit.

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This is brilliant, thank you for sharing this information about sorting actions. Now it is much easier for me to find what I need.

Any chance you could upload your actions folder into a zip file to share with us all?

Could you please explain the process of how you autoupdate the numbers in the text file using notepad++?

I looked up what you were referring to and LF means Line Feed but that doesn't really explain how you dealt with this?

Please note that this is the MP3tag forum that deals with the functions of MP3tag.
Editing mta files is done with MP3tag's internal functions, there is no need for external editors.
If you need help on external programs then please look on the corresponding pages and forums for those programs.

The point is that some people prefer to edit outside of the application. These are files created/used by mp3tag so therefore it is relevant. Besides, someone else mentioned using Notepad++ first so my question follows on from their reply.

A documentation is only relevant if the files represent a user-interface.
They don't.
The user-interface is implemented in MP3tag and is described in the help.

If you prefer to do it in a different way you do it at your own risk.

There has been a discussion about the contents of the INI files and a way to edit them directly:

The conclusion was: nothing that the user has to temper with directly.

@Florian, can you please explain the significance of the numbers '[#n]' within MTA files and if/how they affect the behaviour?

Each [#n] represents action(s) that make up an action group. If you have three actions that you wish to run, they will be represented in the .mta as [#n] and will run according to the numerical order.