Action group import/export

First off gotta say I absolutely love mp3tag. Since I found it I will not use anything else!

Was wondering if there is or is going to be a feature to import and export action groups. I seen there is something called an MTA Converter (/t/2584/1) but I cannot figure out how to export an MTA file. In the actions dialog there is a "Utils" button where you can either choose "Save Selection" or "Save" but my exported file only produces an mtg file with this in it:

selection=Case conversion\u000b0\u000bCD-R\u000b0\u000bFix Title\u000b0\u000bStandard\u000b0\u000bFix Filename\u000b0\u000bFix Album Artist\u000b0\u000b

Doe's this feature already exist, if so where, and if not would it possibly be added in a later release?

You can find all mta files in the Mp3tag data folder.

thank you dano :smiley:

And this may or may not be relevant to your need, but note that MP3Tag works perfectly well as a "portable" app, in the sense that it doesn't need to store any of its settings in the windoze registry, and therefore allows you to keep multiple instances in sync, on different computers/drives whatever.

I use Unison as a file syncronizer so my "master" instance isn't always the one most recently used, but others find tools like Dropbox easier to meet their needs.