Action to copy some tag values to clipboard


Thanks again for your awesome tag editor.
I'm searching google for covers of my nearly 1000 collection of mp3 files. & for this i must copy either artist & title or artist & album values to google search bar. I wonder if there is any feature to copy these pairs to clipboard so i can paste them in google. here is an example:

mp3 data:

Artist: Example
Title: Changed the Way You Kiss Me

What I want to have in clipboard: Example Changed the Way You Kiss Me

i don't think there is a quick way to get things of differnt fields into the clipboard at mp3tag.

there may different workarounds:

you can create a Tool in mp3tag which opens google images in the browser with your dersired search terms
Custom Tools

there is a web sources script for google images (gives only preview of the selected image):

and a plug-in for image search (somehow difficult to operate):