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Seems like I have used an application that has been rewriting some of my metadata, changing the delimiter from ";" to "\\".
I use the semicolon a lot to separate keywords in genre and artist.
"Jazz;Piano" has been modified and changed into "Jazz\Piano"
"Folk;Irish;Vocal;24 bit" changed into "Folk\\Irish\\Vocal\\24 bit"
"Choir of Eltham College;Choral Arts Society of Washington;London Symphony Chorus;London Symphony Orchestra" changed into: "Choir of Eltham College\Choral Arts Society of Washington\London Symphony Chorus\London Symphony Orchestra"

I have tried to make a simple Action to replace "\" with ";" in these fields, but I just can't get it to work.

Any tips on how to create such an action will be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Bjørn Tore

See e.g. here:

and perhaps here:

Thank you so much! The "merge duplicate fields function" seems to be the solution to my problem.

Bjørn Tore

Do you have any idea of what software used either of these delimiters and separated these fields in the first place? This isn't something that mp3tag does on its' own. But perhaps some other program did. You may want to look into the options there and make sure that this doesn't happen again in the future.

I - I have a suspect, but no proof yet. The only library SW I have used lately is MediaMonkey.

I suspect these features might be the "sinner":

Automatic Organization

Automatically reorganize and rename media files in the background based on a set of rules that you define.

Automatic Tagging

Auto-tag batches of 100 files without limits on lookup speed. Automatically tag Artwork and Lyrics that are looked up in the background.

Bjørn Tore

Here is a thread that deals with MediaMonkey and field separators - perhaps you can suck some honey out of it:

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