Actions to convert tags to/from greeklish

I am from those who are very allergic to greeklish (greek written with latin characters).
So, I spend lots of time retyping all tags of my music collection from greeklish to real greek.
I would like to be able to convert mp3 tags to / from greeklish quickly and easily, so I had created a (not so small) python program for that. It worked well, but was awkward to always invoke it separately.

So, I now created two actions for mp3tag to do that, and it works like a charm! Very easy and practical, now I can almost instantly switch to/from greeklish and real greek when tagging.

I would like to share these actions for you, because I know that there are many others who really need this feature and you cannot find it anywhere else!

Perhaps you can also incorporate it in future versions of the program.

To install, unzip the attachments and move the mta files into the Actions directory. In Windows 7, you can find it under C:\Users<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\actions.

I created a separate action to fix the greek sigma-telikon (ς), because many times I need this function separately, esp. when converting from/to uppercase.

Enjoy and thanks to Florian for this great program! (1.48 KB)


Related to the sigma character there is a regular expression, which works for each word, not only for the end of the line ...
Sigma Zeichen ersetzen


Thanks Detlev, I updated the action and the zip file above :slight_smile:


I tried to install the 3 action-files from this thread, but didn't succeed. I copied the mta-files into

where the 3 default-mtas are stored aswell. Is there an incompatibility with the newest version of mp3tag or did I do something wrong?



it could well be that this is not the correct folder altogether. See this thread on possible locations:

Thanks a lot - that did the trick! I didn't store the files in the user-folder.

Hi, i was looking for an action like this. i've installed it.
but it seems that there are some strange things.
why theta is converted in 8? it should be "th"
also, omega should be "o" not "w"?

anyway, clearly i can modify it.... i was just wandering if i'm missing something...

You could check if you write tags with the UTF encoding and not the ISO encoding.

Hello Guys
does this allso change the file name foe example
Alkhstis Prwtopsalth - Venzinadiko.mp3
thanx in advance

Hi and welcome!

It only affects the tag contents, but you could rename the file from the tag via Convert → Tag - Filename after converting from Greeklish.

You can also change the actions to affect the _FILENAME and not the _TAG fields, you will have to do some clicking for that. Probably Florian's suggestion above is faster.

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Thanks for the scripts. I added the action from Greek#Greek fix sigma teliko.mta into the end of your file Greek#Greeklish to Greek all tags.mta. However your action converts the English "x" into the Greek "ξ" instead of converting it into "χ". So, the Greek word αρχη becomes arxh in English letters, but then it becomes αρξη in Greek. Why it happens so?