add 1 more GENRE tag?


First of all, thanks for the great program!!! :slight_smile:

I have a media size library around 1500 albums, ~15000 songs. All the songs are tagged. Many songs have multiple GENRE tags.

For example, a english pop album I will use 2 genres

Now, I want to add more GENRE tags to some albums. Such as for a album already tagged as:

I want to add a third GENRE so the album has 3 GENRE tags:

I did some research and tried some "Action" but couldn't get the result.

My need is to simply add an extra GENRE tag to a list of songs/albums.

I tried "Action -> Replace", but that seems not support wildcard or I simply don't knwo how to do it!

Tried "Action -> Replace with regular expression". I figured ^(.+)$ will match the whole existing GENRE string, then replace with $1\\extragenre But this operation will add extragenre to all existing GENRE tags, meaning on a existing GENRE tag Japanese\\Jazz, it will become Japanese\\Christmas\\Jazz\\Christmas.

Tried "Action -> Format value", and format the GENRE tag to %GENRE%\\extragenre. But the result is the opposite of the above method. This "Format value" will destroy existing multiple GENRE tags, and only take the first GENRE tag and add the extra GENRE. Meaning a existing Genre tag Japanese\\Jazz will become Japanese\\Christmas, instead of Japanese\\Jazz\\Christmas!!!

So, any simple way to add an extra GENRE tag on top of an existing multiple GENRE tags?

Thanks in advance!

I am not quite sure whether you need an action as usually even on a single album there may be several genres.

So, what I would do:
Select the files that should get the same (additional) genre.
Press Alt-T for extended tags.
Press the New button and select GENRE as field.
Enter the text for the genre.
Press OK until the dialogues are closed.
THis adds another GENRE field.

Thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

I understand I can do that. But then I will need to do multiple GENRE edits on different group of songs. If there is a simple way to simply add an extra GENRE, then I can do that on larger group of songs (in my case anyway).

As the "group" of GENRE becomes more, such operation will be more complex and needs more "round"!

A simply "add an extra GENRE", "delete a GENRE" operation seems a very simple task, as mp3tag can do much much complex operation already! :slight_smile:

Read there ... at the very end of the post ...

Find more ...

You can make the change by the action "Format value" or by the converter "Tag -Tag", for example ...

Convert | Tag - Tag | ALT+5

Select format string

Field: GENRE

Format string:
$if(%GENRE%,$meta_sep(GENRE,'\\')'\\',%DUMMY%)'Other Genre'

Latin Jazz
Latin Jazz\\Other Genre

There is also the most simple way using the dialog "Extended Tags...":
Select the group of files, open the dialog "Extended Tags...", add a new tag-field GENRE and fill in the proper genre value.


That works!!! THANKS!!! :slight_smile:

ps: learn more about script....