Add a string, not replace it


I’m going to explain you the whole thing I’m trying to do. I’m open to any suggestion to improve my workflow.

I’m tagging my files in the comment field with values coming from me.
I already wrote the values in a spreadsheet.

Energy from 1 to 10 (energy-01, energy-02…energy-10)
Style form 1 to 10 (style-01…style-10)

I’ve created a spreadsheet.
Worksheets are energy-01, energy-02…, style-01, style-02…style-10
Rows are like this in the worksheet energy-03 : Artist - Title (in the next cell) energy-03

I’d like to add the tag « energy-03 » to the comment section of the file
I want to add, not replace it.

I already used the Convert -> text file to tag function and it worked but it replaced the comment section.

Thanks for your time


part of a record or only the name of a worksheet?

In general, there is a section in the FAQs how to add a string to a field

If "enregy-03" is part of the record, do not import it to the target field directly but to a user-defined field first, e.g. %energy-comment%
Then use an action of the type "Format value" for comment with
Format string: %comment% %energy-comment%
Afterwards you may delete the field %energy-comment%