Add auto-numbering wizard to Convert context menu

Dear Florian,
Sincerly thank you for all your work, I really appreciate mp3Tag for many years now.
In your new update, I expected for the auto-numbering wizard a line in the right clic menu with the others conversion wizards ... but not. Only in the bar menu. Is it possible to add it in the right clic menu also please ?
Thank you again very much!
Eric from France

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Many thanks for the kind feedback!

I've added a note to my internal wishlist to add the auto-numbering wizard to the Convert context menu. I'll keep you posted.

I'm here for this. Upgraded to 3.20 and the Tools menu is gone.

Pretty much every one of the invocations of mp3tag since you changed the handling of discogs track numbers from numeric to whatever the discogs track number is. I have to change A1 etc to 01 and use Tools/Auto number. Thanks!

I'll be stuck at 3.18 until you can put this back somewhere.


The icon for track numbering wizard function is still in the same position of the toolbar as before.
The keyboard shortcut is still the same (Ctrl+K) as before.
The only thing that has changed is that you now find the function in the "Convert" menu.

Thanks, given I've never used either of those and always went by the Tools menu, I'll go have a look. Thank you!

The auto-numbering wizard is now included in the Convert context menu with Mp3tag v3.20a.

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Hi there, wonderful tool, I use it for all my music file curation. I've just installed v3.20 and noticed a feature I used a lot has been removed - it is 'reset track counter on change of directory'. In the latest version this can only be done in conjunction with disc numbers.
I sometimes have several folders, each one is a completely different album from the other folders (could even be different artists).
This feature was in my previous version but has been removed from 3.20 - please can it be restored.

This setting would probably behave like in the old times:

Actually, the current implementation allows to define many more triggers for resets of track and discnumber instead only the folder.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. This would not do as in the earlier version. The settings above change the disc number on change of folder, and then reset track on change of disk.
The previous version allowed reset track count at change of directory independently of any disc numbering.
Having both functions would be perfect for me.

If you switch off to write the disc number then the track will still be reset on each new folder. E.g like this:

Thank you again for your time. I may not be using disc numbers at all so do not want to even refer to discs.
I will often have several folders ALL of which I bring in to MP3tag, they may even be different artists, each folder will be one separate album with no disc number at all, I'm asking for previous functionality to be restored where I can reset track count on change of folder alone without reference to disc. I will test out your suggestion and report back.
Thank you again for your input.

Hi, it seems to do the trick, what appears to be a bit confusing is 'next disc on change of directory' when this means a different album.
I think I'm ok now, thank you for your time.

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