Add 'Clear List' option to regular context menu?

This is certainly not a 'must-do' item, and it is not hard at all to select all files and delete.....but it would be a nice useful item to have, in my opinion.

Would you consider it?

If there is no selected file, you cannot ...
... define, edit, delete or execute any action
... call any web source
... perform any export (and of course not edit, create or edit)
... use any converter

The only thing left, more or less, is to modify the options.
So, could you explain where you see the benefit?

Ah yes: the current workaround is: enter a filter that will most certainly lead to no hits and you get an empty file list.
Or as you do it: select all and delete ...

I am not in this to be nasty or anything or to start a flame war.

It is an option that exists in another program that I use alongside MP3Tag and I find it very useful, that is all.
I am sorry to impinge, if I have done so.

I am not the one who judges if a suggestion gets included. So it could well be that your idea can be found in the next release.
But just as I pointed out I have not found a situation where I missed a function to clear the list.
My workflow looks something like this:
When I am done with one set of files, I simply load the next - and this replaces the currently loaded ones. I do not need the extra step to clear the list.
So I tried to find a situation where a filled list would distract me or where it would be nice to start more or less from scratch.
The list of inaccessible functions should show that I could not think of a lot of useful functions.
But as you say

I am interested what the situation would be like where the cleared list is useful. I am really willing to broaden my horizon, that's all.

See also:

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Hello again.....I DO see your point, I guess it would sort of be a useless function to include.

I do pretty much the same as you....I select a bunch of files/folders and drag them to the window and it replaces anything that was there before.

The other program that I use, 'Advanced Renamer', doesnt clear the palette when you drag new files into it, so I guess it sorta requires the 'Clear List' right click option, where this program does not.

If you want to add further files to already loaded ones, you can also do that with drag&drop but press the CTRL-key while dropping the files. This would then be a similar behaviour to the other program.

DUDE! That is helpful also!

I didnt think to ask that question, but it is definitely one that I had in the back of my head.
That is going to come in handy if I remember to use it :slight_smile: