Add context menu in "portable" and "install" version to settings

Hi! Can you add fuction (in settings) "integrate mp3 tag to context menu"?? It will be grateful and very usefull thing!

see this thread:

The context menu integration is already there in the standard installation.

"in the standard installation" That's true, but you cant use it in "portable" version so it will be better if it been in settings to use it in "portable" version too

One of the key features of portable software is:

A portable application does not leave its files or settings on the host computer or modify the existing system and its configuration. The application does not write to the Windows registry nor stores its configuration files (such as an INI file) in the user's profile. Instead, it stores its configuration files in the portable directory.

The windows context menu can not be modified without changes to the registry.

Therefore you have the choice:
a) Use the standard installation if you want the context menu
b) Use the portable mode if you don't want any changes on your windows computer settings

Its uncomfortable! I think this options should be at settings.

OK, so the settings of the portable installation are stored on a portable device, e.g. an external HDD.
You now open the explorer - but as the setting for MP3tag is on the currently not connected external HDD ... how should the explorer know that MP3tag has a button to switch on the entry in the explorer context menu?
Let's not make too hard: the external, portable HDD is connected and running. How should the explorer know now that there is a program called MP3tag that has a setting that inserts an entry in the context menu, even though MP3tag is neither running nor has the explorer scanned all the programs on the HDD and interpreted the settings in configuration files?
Next scenario: MP3tag is installed as portable version, you get a switch in the Options menu, this inserts an entry in the shell extension section of the registry which points to the current location of MP3tag. This setting is saved in the MP3tag configuration file.
You now disconnect the HDD and move to another PC and start MP3tag and look at the setting for the context menu: this is set to on. But, as you are now connected to a different PC, there is no entry in the context menu. So the display is misleading.
Or you use the original PC with the already set shell extension and call MP3tag although it is on the not connected HDD.
And, depending on the dynamics of your hardware environment the drive letter of the portable data storage may vary but as the shell extension needs a fixed path including the correct drive letter, the function will fail and generate an error message.
These are problems that I see.
What does your use-case look like? Perhaps there is something that works just as well as the context menu shell extension?

It will be better cause u can alvays enable or disable it whenever you want. And i use portable version only cause its just comfortably. When u reinstall windows, settings of program will be saved in the portable folder, and you dont need reinstall or tune program. But if u need context menu you anyway have to reinstall program (cuz this option in the installation only), export setting... Its take time. But if this options will be in "setting" everything you need just turn it on, and use portable version without any manipulation after reinstall windows.

In addition:
The inclusion of this option in the settings will cost nothing. But it will bring comfort usage to the program.

Yes I know that you want to have the option in settings.
Still, you have not described why you need the context menu.
And you have not replied to any of the imminent problems.
Even in your use-case

It will not really work: what do you expect from the portable version of MP3tag in respect to the plausibility of the entry in the context menu? Esp. if you move to a new computer, then the setting would reside in the old settings which says "Context menu is enabled" - which it obviously isn't.
So, should MP3tag only enable the setting while it is running? Yes, it could be done to add a registry entry while MP3tag is running and remove it when MP3tag gets closed... but ... then you don't need the context menu as you can much easier drag&drop files from the explorer into MP3tag and you are not restricted to either open just one folder or just one file.
If you want to keep your settings, here is some advice in the HowTos on backup.
So please explain to me where in handling MP3tag this option would be nice without all the drawbacks of irritating setting displays and filenames pointing to Nirwana when the portable installation is not present - perhaps I overlook something.
Otherwise: these are the reasons (plus the general definition of portable programs that @LyricsLover linked for you) why you can't have the registration modification in a portable version.

Coming to your problem

To get all the setting right in MP3tag, simply install a new MP3tag into the folder where you have your old version with all the settings. The "new" installation will behave like an update installation and leave all configurations as they were. But if you choose "standard" as installation mode, then you also get the context menu (if you tick that option) plus the installation remembers where you put MP3tag.
When you call MP3tag, then the program looks for settings first in the installation folder and then in the usual Windows folders. So, MP3tag will start with the settings that you are used to.

I use a lot of portable app, as example (portable win rar) had in settings integrate to context menu, and it works perfect. And as i said above i dont wanna wast my time to reinstall or use back up to get context menu, and this options will be the best solution for me to use fully mp3tag portable

You can add Mp3tag to the "Send To" menu.