Add field mapping for MusicBrainz Picard

Would it be possible to get an updated list of implemented tag mappings at Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation please?

I had serious trouble to correctly map the somewhat stupidly named MusicBrainz Picard internal tag "MusicBrainz Recording ID". While other common MusicBrainz Picard tags are correct mapped, this one isn't. I thought it's "MUSICBRAINZ TRACK ID" because that's how mp3tag is showing that tag written by Picard but when I write that tag with mp3tag, Picard is not recognizing it. I created a mapping for MP4 - MUSICBRAINZ TRACK ID - MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID

Turns out, the correct mapping is MP4 - MusicBrainz Track Id - MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID

This is the current list of MusicBrainz field mappings:

MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID is a little special, because it's mapped to the ID3v2 UFID (unique file identifier) frame for MP3.

I've made a note to add a dedicated section for MusicBrainz field mappings to the mapping table in the documentation.


Thanks for the list! I see why this one doesn't work for MP4 while the others do.

Could you please add another mapping for MP4, Source: MusicBrainz Track Id, Target MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID. That will fix the mapping for this tag for MP4. It already works fine with MP3 and FLAC. Thanks :slight_smile:

Added with Mp3tag v3.12a.

Done with the latest documentation

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