Add genre to folder name with the help of Metal Archives

Hello guys, i want to add the Genre to the "Band" folder to move later Bands to Death Metal, Black Metal subfolders and so on

My structure is

M:\My Music\Metal\Artist A\(2019) Artist A - Album\ .mp3 files

What i want is

M:\My Music\Metal\Artist A (Genre)\(2019) Arist A - Album\ .mp3 files

So i need some sort of script that reads my Collection (don't want to Re-Tag each Album manually!), searching on Metal Archives Database for the "Artist A - Album" (important that Artist and Album matches because there are many Artists with the same Name, same or another Genre, so too many conflicts then) part either based on the Folder Name "(2019) Artist A - Album" (Release Year should be ignored then) or based on Tags and add Genre to the Genre Tag Field or directly to the "Artist" folder part.

Is this possible with MP3Tag or has someone another solutions/ideas how i can handle this?

The documentation has a section on how to create folder structures from tags:

In your case - as you want to rename the current folder and the parent directory, you have to rename the current folder with a full path specification but the previous artist folder will remain possibly as an empty folder.
Try for a sample album: Convert>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY
Format string: M:\My Music\Metal\%artist% (%genre%)\(%year%) - %artist% - %album%

Hallo, vielleicht ist es besser, wenn ich doch Deutsch schreibe. Also ja, das kann ich dann evt. später nutzen, wenn das Genre vorhanden ist, aber das muss ja erst in das Genre Feld geschrieben werden, die sind momentan leer. Wie mache ich das mit der Hilfe von Metal Archives? Ich kenn das MA Script, aber das funktioniert ja nur immer pro Album, genau wie Discogs etc. Ich möchte meine ganze Sammlung einlesen und in einem Rutsch bearbeiten und das per Metal Archives abgleichen lassen. Wenn Artist & Album passen, dann das Genre schreiben. Oder andere Möglichkeit einen Abgleich des Ordner Namens "(2019) Artist A - Album" und Metal Archives. Deshalb habe ich das ganze auch erst in den Metal Archives Thread geschrieben, weil ich dachte, man könnte das bereits vorhandene Script anpassen, zumal das Script auch keine Genre Funktion hat.

Please use English in the English part of the forum.

This won't work as the scripts always work only per album as the biggest chunk of collective files.

And in any case: none of the scripts compares a folder structure with information on the addressed sites.

Any other Suggestion how i can handle this? Re-write MA Script for Collection "Mode" or maybe a .bat or Python Script with the help of MP3Tag?

So far the advice was always to use Musicbrainz if several but independent files should be tagged.
Right now, if you want to use MP3tag, you are stuck with the album-wise approach.
As there is no way to call a script via command line, I doubt that other programming attempts will lead to success.
You can modify a script, though, so that it only returns the genre.

Hello, tried MusicBrainz but not specific enough. I need something that uses Metal Archives as Source.

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