Add multiple custom entries to tag panel

Hi Folks - love the new update that allows each field to have its own custom list in tag panel - but is there a convenient way to add more than one entry at a time. I have a huge list of composers that I would like to add, but one at a time is a no go. I saw a post about editing the user ini file but got a bit lost with all the text encoding stuff.


Maybe this topic can help you:

Solution + ready list of composers: Predefined list for composers - #11 by incifinci

Thanks LyricLover but its not multiple tags in a field its the custom lists that you can add in the tag panel for the drop down menu.

incifinci - yes that's the post I found but I cant make sense of some of it, downloaded Editpad, but the first item it says to do is not there (the characters to u\ffff) let alone all the ^^^ stuff; do I have to add codes at the ^^^??? (my brain getting old!). Must be an easier way!!!

cheers for the help anway.

I expanded my comment. Read it now. The ready, converted text file is also there, you do not even need the EditPad.

Thanks incifinci - time for coffee and some pain killers to get my brain working!!
I see from the picture you are using editpad pro, I could only see the top few setting in the covert tab as I was using the free version!!

Thanks for your help