Add Parenthesis at end of Artist

HI folks,
It's been 2 or 3 years, if not more since I've had to ask for help. My problem is that I want to put parenthesis containing the date at the end of the artist i the artist field.
I copied the date and pasted individually from word, and was able to put the first part of the parenthesis in position, by simply using an action to replace the first two digits of the year with the first half of the parenthesis, ( .
So for example I had: "Chubby Checker 1961" went to "Chubby Checker (1961"
I am now at a loss as to how to close the parenthesis.
I had a search through the forums and found a thread which used filters, not specifically for the purpose of my needs, but I was able to adapt and use it once to good effect.
The filter I used was: ARTIST HAS "(" AND ARTIST HAS ")"
This worked on one of the discs in the four disc set but not for the other three. When used on the others, everything disappeared from view when the ) and " were added.
So if anybody can help me find a way to close the parenthesis I would be very grateful.
With many thanks in advance,
Ronnie, a.k.a embra55

I think the filter should be:
to see the closing ones.
For these use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for ARTIST
Search string:$
Replace string: )

Thank you. Your solution worked a treat. Again, many thanks.