Add same line to lyrics in multiple files

Hello all,

As I've transcribed hundreds of lyrics I want to add a line 'Transcribed by Mark Coutinho" at the end of all lyrics that I have.
I already use the mte produced by SquallLeonhart38 & milka (thanks for that!). So the only thing I need now: at the end of the lyrics two lines with no text and then above mentioned text.

What do I need to add to the script to get this result?

Thanks for your help!


a new line is encoded by the characters 13 and 10, so add a
for each line you want to insert and then add your string

Thanks for this contribution. However, I didn't get it working yet, probably because it's in a table.
So I put the code here, including your lines. Could you please tell me where I went wrong?



	<td>Transcribed / Corrected by Mark Coutinho</td>


Thanks again!

Oh, dear! You hid fairly well that you were not talking about plain text but html text.
Keeps me wondering which player would display HTML code in its lyrics field....

Back to the problem:

instead of the character strings 10 and 13 enter

for each line you want to insert.

Yes ...
Regarding ...

... this HTML construct will insert a paragraph, what possibly could be "more than one line".

I wonder why the OP uses already the HTML line break tag
in his Mp3tag MTE export script, which uses HTML to put out the lyrics text, but he seems not to be aware of this tag from the HTML script language and what it is used for.


Okay, okay, you got me there! I'm quite a nitwit if it comes to html- or other programming. And, as I said, the script I already had was written by someone else.

However, after some trials I managed to place the
code in the right place of the code.

Thanks all!

I am glad to read this!


Come to thing of it... Is there also a possibility to add one line at the bottom of all lyrics. In my case it's again this "Transcribed by Mark Coutinho" line (first two empty lines).
If yes: how can I do this?

Thanks again!

See there:


Almost there, Detlev!
However: when I do this the whole lyrics-field (unsyncedlyrics, that is) is replaced by the value. And I just want to add two white lines and a sentence (Transcribed / Corrected by Mark Coutinho) at the end of the lyrics.

This is what I have done:
Action type: Format value
Field: Unsyncedlyrics
Format string: %comment% Transcribed / Corrected by Mark Coutinho

What do I have to change in the action field?

Thanks again!

Action: Format Value

plain text:
Formatstring: $regexp(%unsyncedlyrics%,(.+),$1\r\n\r\n\r\nTranscribed / Corrected by Mark Coutinho)

html text, end of page:
Formatstring: $regexp(%unsyncedlyrics%,(),
\r\nTranscribed / Corrected by Mark Coutinho\r\n$1)

html text, end of table:
Formatstring: $regexp(%unsyncedlyrics%,(),

Transcribed / Corrected by Mark Coutinho


Amazing! That's just it!

Thank you so much, guys!