Adding Cover Art to mkv files - Doubts & Issues

I'm a new user of mp3tag. And I was trying to add cover art for a film in mkv format with 12 chapters. I tried adding the cover art by selecting each chapter one by one. I also tried adding cover art by pressing Shift and selecting all at once. Both didn't work. What did I miss?


Another issue, I tried adding and saving a cover art to an mkv file. But it didn't get saved, no matter how many times I tried. Additionally, I right clicked the file and chose Extended Tags. There Add cover was greyed out.

Screenshot (As a new user I'm limited to one image per post, so here is the link from imgur):


Hi Joseph,

adding cover art to MKA/MKV is currently not supported. It's on my list and I plan to add it with a future release.

Kind regards
— Florian

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Waiting for it :blush:

Mp3tag v3.06e adds support for editing cover art with Matroska MKA/MKV.

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