Adding _DIRECTORY to listed TAG fields

Hi. I am trying to add _Directory to the tag fields. After reviewing topics, I go to Tools..Options..Tag Panel.. and then I try to add a new field. for field I select _Directory and for name I tried 'Directory' or 'Folder' not sure if this one really matters. I tried manipulating the default value but I cannot save this new field. Click on save button and nothing happens. Is there a step I am missing?

I should point out my goal is to change the folder name to without the underscores and extra gibberwish at end of Folder Name. I can do so by highlighting all tracks, Alt-5 and then typing '_DIRECTORY' and the value to %album% but I want to eliminate typing it each time.

see here:

You cannot add fields starting with an underscore.

Thank you. I see that the underscore is the problem. Can you suggest a way to simplify my process? If I cannot add _DIRECTORY as a listed field, I have to type it in each time. While this is not difficult, I am trying to automate my process as much as possible. So for removal of underscores and unwanted characters in the folder name, I highlight all tracks, alt-5, put _DIRECTORY for field and %album% for value. Is there anyway to make it easier?

If you have a manipulation that you need frequently, then an action is probably the best way to automate that.
The equivalent to Convert>Tag-Tag is an action of the type "Format value". Parameters are the same.

Just to save MP3tag's honor: most of the fields with an underscore are read-only fields that cannot be modified by MP3tag directly. The fully qualified filename is probably the odd one out.

Thank you. I did as you suggested, create an action. Works great.

Format Value
Format String: %album%

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