Adding files or folders and sorting

If you add files or folders to a file selection that is sorted, the horizontal scroll bar jumps to the left and the sorting is disabled. This results in adding the added selected files to the bottom of the selection. It is something like a reset.

Is this behavior intentional?

I would prefer it if the newly added files were inserted into the appropriate place as part of the currently active sorting, without having to start a sorting again, which was sometimes done ad hoc over several columns.

Yes, it's intended.

Sorting automatically can result in lags when adding files (even if it's more performant now) and would be most likely not welcomed by everyone.

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I myself prefer to see new the files added at the bottom. Otherwise it would break my workflow, when I convert edited WAVs to other formats and copy tags from other / older other files to those new / other ones, that I have just loaded up for this purpose

However that opposite behavior could be made optional

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But in this case please change the sorting behavior.

If I have added files or folders and want to sort again, I would like to restore easily my previous sort order.
At the moment, if you add files or folders, the sorting is canceled (no more sorting arrow above the column), but MP3Tag probably keeps the last sort order in mind.

This means that if you want to sort again and click on the relevant column, MP3Tag activates the opposite sort order. So you always have to click the sorting column twice in a row to restore the original sorting order.
This wastes time unnecessarily.

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For me this also is an annoying waste of time, that I have to endure even a couple of times per day

But this could be confusing for average user- and so the current behavior should be enabled by default, with what you are proposing being an optionable setting

Here is a new idea:

How about if selecting, dragging and dropping files to Mp3tag with CTRL being pushed would make behave the list in main window as it does now - but with ALT or SHIFT being pushed simultaneously, it would insert those files automatically with the current sort being applied, thus eliminating the need fore pressing any Column even once?

I've now changed the behaviour with Mp3tag v3.14a so that after adding files, the next sort doesn't invert the sort order.