Adding Month and Day to %Year%

Hello, I noticed there was a restriction to 4 digits when entering a year in the year for id3 tag, is it possible to also add the month and day? Also, I have a list of of the dates for different albums in a text file, is it possible to make it look for the album and if the album matches with one of the album, add the date corresponding to that album.
For example
2007/11/02 Album1
2007/12/04 Album2

Make program look for those album names, then add corresponding date if album name matches. Thank You!

Hmm, there is no restriction, maybe in panel view, but in grid view or extended tag view you can enter date string in ISO 8601 format e.g. long 2007-11-02T12:00:00 or short 2007-11-02 or shorter 20071102 or rather short 2007.

Read this thread and try it out:
Add composer if title matches from text file?


When you want to follow the standard, you shouldn't enter more than 4 digits in the YEAR field. For day and month the field DATE is available (format DDMM). When you use ID3v2.4, you can also use the field RELEASETIME to display thie longer formats of a releasedate, like:
or the ISO standard DetlevD mentioned.

You can access both fields via the Extended Tag Dialog or by addidng them to the tagpanel or adding columns for them.