Adding multiple values to field in action

Hello everyone, please help with this,

i found here in the community someone created this action,

Format value
Format string: $meta_sep(composer,/)

this means i can create an action with multiple values on the input field,

how can i translate it into action, what should i type in the field highlighted in the picture below

what should i type or select and how it will looks like ??

i tried some guessing but non worked well :confused::confused:

Where exactly did you found this?

IMHO, it is not possible to use multiple fields like this in an action of the type "Format value".
You can only use special field names, like _ALL or _TAG (as you already know) to apply your adjustments to multiple fields at once.

here Producing DISPLAY COMPOSER using multiple COMPOSER field - #8 by dano

so you are saying that it's not possible to make this as an action, but possible to do with format string ??

please advice as iam kind of new to mp3tag app

It is possible. But

will produce a single user-defined field %TITLE ARTIST ALBUM% with the contents of that what can be found in all the fields of the type COMPOSER, separated by a slash.
It would be helpful if you could explain what you want to achieve.

If I have to guess: the action does not distribute / copy the contents of COMPOSER to the field TITLE, ARTIST and ALBUM.
And even if it would do that - this would mean that you overwrite the existing contents of the 3 fields with that from COMPOSER. I don't know if that is your intention.

what i want is not the composer example above, it what was mentioned in some community post, not my example

what i wanna do is to modify all the three fields at once, the fields is TITLE, ARTIST and ALBUM

here is what i imagined it's possible

Screenshot 2021-09-29 143706


Screenshot 2021-09-29 143811

where TITLE ARTIST ALBUM will affect the actual fields not creating useless user-defined field

See this thread on a way how to apply a search/replace on several fields:

Please note that it is important to get a unique separator between the field vairables. This may be tricky as you want to get rid of more or less any ordinary punctuation character.