Adding parentheses to Featurings

Hi everyone,

I had a RegExp before, but my PC had to be formatted.

Here's what I could like to do, in the Title field :

Let's Go feat Mela Machinko

Let's Go (Feat. Mela Machinko)

The action should replace feat/feat./featuring/ft with Feat. and set the whole thing into parentheses.

Thanks !

see e.g. here:

I actually saw this post yesterday but I couldn't find the answer about the different writings of featuring in that same Action.

One of the many ways would be to write an action group where set which word should be replaced by which other word.
Finally you add the action for the closing parenthesis.
Or see here:

Works great!

I've combined these 2 :

Action: "Format value"
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: $replace(%ARTIST%,' Feat. ',' (Feat. ')')'

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Field: _ALL
Regular expression: " (featuring|feat.|feat|ft.|ft) "
Replace matches with: " Feat. "

DetlevD, in his post was saying :

To avoid side effects ... set ...
Filterstring: ARTIST HAS " Feat. "

That means I could select all of my tracks (with or without featurings) and only apply modification to featurings tracks ?
How do I add a filterstring ? That's within the same Action Group ?

You can use a filter like this:
%title% MATCHES "(featuring|feat.|feat|ft.|ft) "

And yes: you can add all actions to just one action group so that they get executed in one go for all the selected files.

A filter string is not added to an action group.
Instead, it is entered into the Filter window, before the action is performed.
Then, only the files that match the filter will be in the file list.

To see the Filter window go to "View > Filter" on the menu bar.
The number, length and size of the matching files are shown in the bottom right corner of the file list.

Oh ok! It works perfectly with that now!

Thanks for your help !