Adding pre-defined values to drop-down lists

Another thing I would suggest is to have the ability to scroll horizontally and the ability to add predefined values as you can do in the genre tag for example?

Let's hope that << GOD >> is reading this!!!

See this thread on a discussion why there are pre-defined values for genres but not for other fields:

and here is a suggestion how to get pre-defined strings now already:

ohrenkino I thing you have misunderstood me.
First of all I don't have any conflicts or something like that with the software or hardware that I am using the way I tag my music.
Let me tell you in the first place that my English are not at the highest level so there might be mistakes. Have a creative thinking!!!
What I was trying to say, is to have the ability to add user defined strings as I can have in the genre tag.
For example I have a tag ( language ) and I use the strings G X M U witch stands for G = Greek , X = Foreign , M = Mixed , U = Unknown.
Another example is a tag ( mood ) with a big list of strings like sad, happy, drive, morning, .....,......,......,.....,.............
What I am saying is that it would be very nice if I could use predefined user strings as a drop down list in the tag panel as I use my own strings in the genre tag.

You can define your own genres in File>Options>Genre and set the option to only display these.
As for all other lists that may benefit from user-defined values, the topic has been addressed many times, e.g. here:

Please add your comments about pre-defined values there.

OK. Maybe wrong topic.
I uploaded a picture here.