adding Tag storrage

Hi, I was thinking very often that one option is really needed. When I create tag "composer" and write
for example Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) I can save it in all the track opened.
But for another album or when I want to add same composer tomorrow I have to do it again.
It would be useful to have the possibility of adding (saving) into program library composers and artists
to select them later from the list.

see also: /t/18317/1
or here: /t/19359/1
and a thread with the response by the developer: /t/8263/1

Ok, I have read and can not understand the problem. In genre we can add our value. In composer field should be also easy to do it.
I do not need 1000 of composers to scroll down - but when you have a compilation and every piece is written by different composer
it would be easier for me to save some most popular to select them later from my previous saved library..

I just wanted to show you that your idea is not a new one and that there has been a discussion considering the pros and cons and also showing a currently available solution.
Until now the statement of the developer is still valid. But one never knows what the future will bring.