Adding text in artist field

Is there a way to, other than manually, insert items into the artist field? By that I mean add "feat.". Musicbrainz seems to have done away with this and instead just has the artist plus whoever.
Example: Queen Elton John [Musicbrainz]
I want: Queen feat. Elton John
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

What would separate the artists from each other?
Because "Queen Elton John" could very well be taken as just one artist (and perhaps even taken as an insult)

Could you please provide a link to such a song on MusicBrainz?

i attach a screen shot and a link for an album.
You'll see that musicbrainz clearly has "ft.", but when I use mp3tag the "ft." disappears.

Hope this is of use.

@poster Where exactly do you miss "ft." or "feat." between the first artist "Queen" and the second artist "Robert Plant" building something like "Queen Robert Plant" at MusicBrainz?

This release and also the highlighted second recording Chained to the Rhythm has a visible " ft. " between first artist "Katy Perry" and second artist "Skip Marley" on MusicBrainz.

So the problem is the websource script you are using and the missing "join phrase" as they call it at Musicbrainz, right?

The actual Mp3tag websource script seems to skip every join phrase for every artist on this album ("ft." or "&" or both) completely.
I think, this is something that @Florian should have a look at it.

So am I correct in understanding that whoever wrote the script missed the ft.?
So this is one for the 'Master'. How do I send my post to Florian then?

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Can you please try the attached MusicBrainz web source and check whether it's working now? Thanks for reporting and thanks @LyricsLover for the detailed investigation. (2.2 KB)

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That's worked. Many thanks

The fixed tag source is now part of the latest development build Mp3tag v2.90b.

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