Adding the same text to artist name without removing any tag info

Is there a way to do this? For instance if I want to add "VA - " to the beginning of each artist name without removing any portion of the artist tag info that is already there. It's pretty tedious to have to manually add this for every song, so I was hoping there was a way to do this in a single step.

You are quite right - tedious. Also it is rather tiring to answer this question as it is handled in the FAQs. It is a really frequently asked question.
Please refer to
only that you set "VA -" instead of "xyz".

I really do wish that people would read the FAQs too. Perhaps when you register people could recieve an email link to read them carefully before posting.

Yes, new forum users should be send at least one week into quarantine in order to read the FAQ areas criss-cross up and down, before getting permission for asking any question, for what Mp3tag is worth for and what they possibly can do with Mp3tag.


Even if there was such a thing as a quiz/test with multiple choice answers. Basically all the questions that are found in the FAQs. And its wont be possible to post until you reach 90%+ correct answers.

What have I done!?
No, no: I still believe that everyone in the forum should get an answer to his or her topics. I mean, everybody has a blockade here and there once in a while and cannot think of the obvious.
Admittedly, my reply to wfujay was little on the rude side and I promise to behave again.
Sorry, wfujay.
But please have a look at the FAQs ... and then come back to the forum if you have other (not frequently asked) questions and make us all think about it. Because that is what it is all about, right?