Additional research results for the topic "Make tag fields readable by Windows Explorer"

I have done some additional research on

1.) Filled a mp3 with every offered field from Mp3tag
(ALT + T Reset fields, added every choosable field with describing content)

2.) Let exiftool read all this tags
-> It has some problems with proprietary tags like WFED, MVNM or GRP1

3.) Let my own tagviewer read all this tags
-> shows, which tags does not strictly belong to the choosen ID3v2.3 standard
-> shows, which tags are TXXX fields

4.) Wrote a Powershell script to read all tags on a Powershell-commmandline and show the matching file explorer columns
-> Even Powershell itself can not read all tags. Only a small part of them.
-> The output is valid for a german windows, the script returns the localized column names

The somewhat surprising conclusions:
a) Windows 10 File Explorer offers all tags/properties that he can read (the small part) for editing!
b) There is only 1 exception for a): You can not modify the content of the tag "Copyright" :innocent: :joy:

And to be clear:
I would never suggest to use the Windows file Explorer to modify or write id3tags. Never ever!

The overall suggestion in the linked original topic remains fully valid.

Please let me know if you want to know some more details.


moral of the story: I didn't understand anything! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@LyricsLover thanks a lot.

This are the english Windows file Explorer column names for the ID3 tags he can read from a mp3:

Some column names were translated really bad into German: :crazy_face:
246 - Initial key -> Urspr├╝nglicher Schl├╝ssel
(should be something like "Vorzeichen" in german music language)