Additional spaces when renaming files

I am having a problem with Duplicates. The MP3Tag Shows %artist% - %title% This is what it should come out as Granger Smith - Country Things.mp3 But i am getting extra spaces in artist and Title. Kip Moore - Good Life .mp3 No mater what i try it will not fix the the problem, When i copy music to my files it will copy a song i already have because of the extra space. Help, Thanks ed.

Please check carefully if you don't have an extra space at the end of your %title%.

If you click on the content in the Title field in the left Mp3tag Tag panel and press CTRL + A you should see if there is a space too much. Just delete it and save this change with a click on the image symbol .

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If the added spaces are something that could have happened more than once, perhaps a look at the FAQs gives a hint on how to solve that problem without the need to edit each track manually:

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