Adjust tag info menu to give greater flexability

Please see attached pic of what I'm looking for.

Why you ask? As hip hop artists have a lot of people featuring on the song the window could do with been able to adjust a little to how you like.

BTW I'm using a 22 inch monitor and even at that some of the info is missing.

Thanks, would love to hear your thoughts


Bumping this thread.

I'm going to start adding loads more items to that now. Thanks. The horizontal info panel is just :face_vomiting: (sick).

The info tag panel to be adjustable and double scrolling for both panels and the ui will be great :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on that? Not sure if I understand completely :slight_smile:

Adjust tag info I should of said.

Also when I scroll in the left or right column either the left or right will scroll also as some releases are larger than the window.
Perhaps selecting a file in either left or right will also highlight the other corresponding side also which would be nice.

I've moved your off-topic posts to where they belong. Please refrain from mixing contexts.

As a main UI element I didn't think it was too different.

I've just came across this topic and I think all of this is addressed as of current v3.14.

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