Advanced Scripting from Discogs


I hope I have posted this message in the right place.

I am attempting to import the "credits" information from discogs but is there anyway to do this from discogs with discogs src file?

Very confused :flushed:


Have you tried my Discogs Script?

You get the credits, album-credits and track-credits, as you like it.


I cannot seem to find the src script you mentioned.. do you have link to download it please?


I've fixed the link. Now you should get to the right topic.


I have attempted to install this, but I am not sure if I have done it correctly. What should I see and do in mp3tag to get album credits, musicians and such?

Have you read the instructions in the linked topic? What points are unclear?
You should get all credits without extra customisation of the script.
If you want the credits in different tag fields as the are now, you can edit the setting file.