[AF] Popularimeter Tag Fails in 2.48c


that sounds amazing, and i think is the best solution. to be clear, popularimeter [should] always show the raw data. then use scripts for different additional columns to convert that raw data to either a numerical value, or an actual star.

so say 196 is the POPM value. in that case mp3tag would show:

popularimeter = whatever txt string | 196 | #

but another column via a script would map that as


while yet another column via a script would map that as


while yet another column via a script would map that as


why 80? b/c 80 is the value that 196 is translated into on a 0-100 scale, which is how ratings are stored in the MM database. (in other words, all ratings from any format or spec are translated into a 0-100 scale in the MM db)

anyway, your proposal would be the ideal solution imo for mp3tag to follow!!

thank you Florian for your very detailed explanation. i hope you have time to implement this.

just FYI i am currently back at it, trying to nail down what values are written and read for MM for bombs and half stars. i don't anticipate being able to get them to make any more changes but from what i can gather there are some really strange things about how MM reads and interprets some values. however, whatever MM does, and will do going forward, i just want to know b/c it seems development has revived to some degree on winamp, and i am hopeful to get them to implement half stars, and to do it in such a way that is compatible with MM. (i know of no other app that writes values to POPM for bombs/half stars other than MM)

the good news is that at this point, EVERY app i know of writes 1,64,128,196, and 255 for whole stars (for id3 / POPM). that really simplified things.


Because I think the issue is similar in that it involves multiple columns and ratings, I wanted to be sure this was listed here in this thread, b/c it would make sense to fix all of this at once:




I also want to add that all apps I know of, now write the same exact 5 POPM values for the 5 whole stars, which makes ratings handling easier, namely 1, 64, 128, 196, and 255. I got MM to conform to windows explorer's de facto standard. Not sure tho about reading ranges, half stars, etc.

No support for reading windows explorer ratings in m4a / mp4?