Album art being overwritten

I pasted my own artwork into the "front cover". When I play the song, some standard cover (found somewhere on the internet) displays instead. I want my art, not, the found art. I imagine there is a default...somewhere...which controls this, but, cannot find it. (Suggest if art is entered, THAT should be used as an MP3Tag default). I'm using VLC media player, I'm assuming the player is not entering the unwanted artwork, but, perhaps it is..?

Also, on another topic, for many of my tracks, the 'title' is blank. I want to be able to assign a title based on the file name (which is always ARTIST - TRACK TITLE). This was easily done using MusicMatch in the past. I know, I know, it's spelled out in the documentation somewhere, but, sorry, I cannot figure it out.

I have tried for a hour to find the answers to the above, no luck.

Contributed $$ earlier (as but (tried often!) cannot log back in as such.

Finally, "Arbitrary" is misspelled ("arbitray") on one of your web pages.

Perhaps you have to clear the vlc cache.
See /t/13017/1

Use the function Convert>Filename - Tag
%artist% - %title%
Or if the ARTIST is already filled and you don't want to change it:
%dummy% - %title%

This is also the 'fix'. I had my eye on the Convert functions but perhaps they could be more intuitive, have examples, etc? I speak as a professional computer programmer, 1966-2004.

You might want to have a look at the help (press F1 or follow this link:
The convert functions feature a preview, so you can generate your own examples.