Album Art & Directory Structure Copy/Export

Hello Everyone,

First of all I'd like to thank all the members of this forum for their previous helpful posts, and give great praise to the best MP3 tagger around!

I have a question about album art exporting. I have a large collection (1500+ tagged albums) that I have cataloged in HTML document. I would like to show the album art for each album in that HTML page using the following HTML code:


What kind of "upload" do you need? FTP? Simple filecopy?

(I'm only curious: What is your goal? Why should I read your list of mp3 on your server?)

And for 3.) I would say YES, it will load every picture and also the entire text, even if you don't click on the "details". You can check it by viewing your source-code in the browser.

I like to have a list on my webspace so friends can see what I have (so I can share). I'm not trying to share this catalog with the whole world (wide web) :slight_smile:

Ok, can you suggest a better export format to display album art?

If you really like to share the cover art and the entire information of every single song, I can't tell you a much better solution. Maybe you could save such a (HTML-) page offline, zip/rar it and send the list by mail to your friends.
But I have no idea, how big your list with 1500 albums in HTML will be. Maybe you should just try it with one of the famous templates. :wink:

So, I guess one of my questions still stands. (Thanks for your help on my other question lyricslover :slight_smile: ) Can Mp3tag use an action to copy my music directory and all of the folder jpegs?