Album Artist, Band and FLAC, again ...


Wow, that is great news!

I mapped BAND to ALBUM ARTIST for VorbisComments. Using BAND in the tagpanel, mysteriously creates two fields named ALBUM ARTIST in FLACs, for MP3s it works fine. Filling in the BAND field in list-view works great. Sorry sorry, sorry to immediately point you to this one minor thing ...

Florian, you are a hero in developing this program, thanx a million !!!!


If you want to use BAND as your Album artist placeholder for all formats then you should map VorbisComment > ALBUM ARTIST > BAND


Indeed very good news.
Mapping was getting me mad. :smiley:
I will make a donation is the beta is "alfa".
Thanks again.


Thank you, Florian. This looks like it will work well.

However, it's not working as I'd expect with ID3v2 tags. My preference would be to map common vorbis comment names to ID3v2 frames. When I create a new mapping, the default is ID3v2, so I assume you intend to be able to map names in ID3v2 as well as VorbisComment.

Here are the mappings that I've defined:

When I try to set COMPILATION=1 in an Mp3 file using ID3v2.3 I still get a TXXX/COMPILATION=1 frame (a user defined TXXX frame with a description of COMPILATION and value of 1), which is what I get with no mapping. At worst, if the mapping was working I would have expected a TXXX/TCMP=1 frame, but I hope to be able to write native frames.


ID3v2 does not work on frame level
Your first ID3v2 example must be


I don't understand. Going by the VorbisComment entries as examples, wherever in the program TRACKNUMBER is used, the actual vorbis comment field being written (and read) is TRACK. So I would expect


to mean that wherever the field name BAND is used within the program, an ID3v2 frame of TXXX/ALBUMARTIST is written.


It's the other way around, TRACKNUMBER is written to the file, but Mp3tag displays TRACK to the user.

means when you use ALBUMARTIST it reads from and writes to BAND (which actually is TPE2)


Ahhh, I get it now. And the source names must be Mp3tag's internal field names. So what I was trying to accomplish above is actually:

Converting tags

Thanx, that works flawless!

This reads from and writes to a VorbisComment with fieldname ALBUM ARTIST in the FLAC, while Mp3tag works with the placeholder %band%.

Apparently the column titles are a bit counter-intuitive, for me f.i. the Target is the audiofile. This could be overcome by changing Target to something like "Mp3tag" and Source to "Audiofile". Just a suggestion.

Florian, again a million thanx for implementing this! In another thread I pledged a contribution for solving this ALBUM ARTIST problem, so I keep my promise and just made that donation.


Great! Also thanks dano, for your splendid explanations!

I've tried to make the help topic on this feature as specific as I could (given that it was around 23:00 and I spend almost the whole day coding). I'll have a look at it again and try to improve it based on your feedback.

Thanks a lot! I must have missed this topic, but it's a nice surprise after the countless hours of thinking about and working on that feature :slight_smile:


Suggestion: an option in the process of installing a new version - Don't change mappings. I was surprised after installation of 2.46a over 2.46 - deleted mappings were recreated.


This isn't working for me, if there are already values in it.


-.Flac File

  • Mapping (VorbisComment/ALBUM ARTIST/BAND

If the file already has an ALBUM ARTIST its not visible in MP3Tag. If I write one in MP3Tag its added and visible in MP3TAG but only the one I added with MP3TAG.

In dbpoweramp I can see both.

See picture:


The columns can only show the first value of a field unless you change the value of that column from i.e. %band% to $meta_sep(band,\\) at "View > Customize columns"


actually I don't want two or more values in album artist. But MP3TAG doesn't read/display the value and only shows a value which was entered with MP3TAG.

See the picture:

"Nicolas Simion Group" ist already in album artist - "aaaa" was entered with MP3TAG - MP3TAG only shows "aaaa". But actually would "write" at the correct place.

So there may be something wrong with the reading precedure but correct with the writing procedure...



Please show what's at "View > Extended Tags" in Mp3tag.



MP3TAG and dbpoweramp

Actually I don't know whats right - but I don't like that BAND Tag...


Let's see..

From that screens it shows that you have two different "Album artist" fields in your files.

and ALBUM ARTIST (this one shows as BAND in Mp3tag because of the mapping)

dbpoweramp shows you both as "Album artist" because there are several ways for album artist at flac. Some apps do it without a space, some with

So you have to decide which one you want to use.


ok, I would like to use "album artist" what do I have to do in MP3TAG to use that?

"%album artist%" doesn't seems to dispay any value in the gui btw...



If you have added

  • Mapping (VorbisComment/ALBUM ARTIST/BAND)

then you don't have to make any further changes unless you don't like %band% as your tag name in Mp3tag for the album artist.

If a file now has an ALBUM ARTIST tag you will see that as BAND in Mp3tag.
Instead of %album artist% you must use %band% to get its value.


Note: this can break scripts and custom columns as reported here: Request: remedy new mapping's breakage of scripts etc.