Album by foldername

Goodmorning everyone it's my first post here.

I need to tag all the album field in a USB key by the foldername.

I tried selecting all files and putting in the filed Album the string " %foldername% " leaving all the others as

But the results is that the album title si litterally %foldername%

How can I obtain what I need?

Have a look at the FAQs on how to use parts of the folder structure to get data.

ohrenkino has shown where to find the documentation that explains the general case, in order to use any part of a file path.
There are also "Information" fields, some of which can be viewed as shortcuts to various parts of the path.
You can see them when you Customize columns (right-click on columns header) and here:
Maybe %_directory% is the one you want.

Thank you for your help

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