Album Cover Image Mostly Black

Sometimes when putting in a cover image I get:


When the source image is:

Original File

And in players the image displays as:

How do I stop Mp3tag v2.93 from altering the image? I was also experiencing this issue before updating to v2.93 when using v2.92.

You don't have to do anything. MP3tag takes the image already as it is.
So I would investigate what the source file really looks like - when I take your original file, I get the same dimensions: 312x475 but that file has only a size of 143 kb. Where do the 565 KB come from in your picture?

The file I uploaded in my original post is 708 KB before uploading it to . I'll post the image address of the source image in my original post instead of having this website compress it and change it.

I think it’s a progressive JPG that needs to be converted to baseline.

I also found that it has the CMYK colour encoding instead of the RGB for screens.
Baseline is not enough I think, you also have to convert CMYK into RGB.
Then it works

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An online tool I found does indicate it is a progressive JPG so I'll investigate converting it to baseline and then to RGB.

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