Album issues...

Ok, I have been using MP3 tag editor for a while now and this is the first that I have had this issue.

What's happening is I will have several songs in one album with all the same album tag information. When I look at the music player on my phone (I have tried other music players too) it breaks up the songs in to two separate albums but they still show the same album name, artwork etc... Just listing the album twice.

I have several albums like this, pretty much the only time you will see just one album is if there is only one song in it or if I pulled the music from my computer. Most the music I have I have downloaded from Gtunes or Free Music Download on Android. The music I have purchased from itunes or downloaded from limewire does not do this. However, I still have a few albums that the songs were downloaded from Gtunes or Free Music Download that have not done this, they are all still in one album.

It didn't used to be like this though, just started happening recently. I have tried deleting the songs in a double album and re downloading them but even after tagging they still show up in the same separate albums. Right now it's only showing two of the same albums never three, so I will have one album with one song but another of the same album with the other three or two.

I have some screen shots below, the Weathered Album I tried deleting those song and downloaded them again and tagged them but still doubled the album?

Thanks for any ideas.

Could you check if you have filled the tag %albumartist%? If it is empty / non-existent then all the albums seem to come from the same artist "" ;-).
You can check this either with the extended tags of by showing an extra column in the file list that has the contents %albumartist".
Or you can set a filter
%albumartist% IS ""
which will display all files that have no albumartist yet.
You can then copy the artist to the albumartist tag with an action as described in the FAQ