Album Length

Is there a way to calculate album length (selected files) to add to a tag? I know there is a function for exporting to calculate it, but can it be done as an action?

I think thats not posible.

What is that function then? I'm looking for it quite long...



You'll find it in the help under the export options, global placeholders.. %_total_time%

I thougt that isn't giving the right result, but I'll try it again this evening.



When I use %_total_time% in my exportfile I only get the time per song. :frowning: But I want to export the total time of an album (cq. the selected songs). Is that possible, or: what am I doing wrong? :unsure:



Why don't you paste your mte file? It's hard to solve it without code of your export file.
You are probably using %_total_time% in this loop "$loop(%_filename_ext%)" or similar.
You must place %_total_time% out of the loop.

OK, I'll post my mte-file later... Many thanks for your help so far :slight_smile: !


Here is my mte-file. Please have a look on it to discover what I'm doing wrong concerning the export of the album length.



Exportsettings.mte (288 Bytes)

Cant do it for Excel. But I can do it in html?

I need a csv/Excel-export, because I use it to make my covers in Word (with mail merge, which I have automated with a macro).

Do you mean it isn't possible in an Excelfile, or do you mean you aren't familiar with Excelfiles?!

It's hard to make it because of Excelfile. I made something, it only works with one folder (album). Check out.

Exportsettings_milka_edit.mte (354 Bytes)

I'll check it out en I'll post the result!

Tnx so far!

It works fine!

I don't see the point. I tried it with one album, and with multiple albums (Shift-click), but it works fine in both cases! Or do you mean that it won't work if you have multiple albums in one exportfile?

It won't work if you have more then one folderpath in filelist in mp3tag, or if you select tracks for exporting that have more then one folderpath. I hope that you understand what I mean.

I am glad that I made to help you,
~ milka

I understand what you mean... Once again: many thanks!

Henk. :slight_smile: