All of my mp3's have track numbers before the title under the title column

All of my mp3's have track numbers before the title under the title column, I wanted to know if there's a way to highlight all the files and delete all the track numbers all at once without affecting the titles names? Deleting one at a time is very time consuming. Using Win 11 Pro, version 3.16 Thank you.

Try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for TITLE
Search string: ^\d+\s*
Replace string:
(Leave empty)

You can do this...
Press CTRL+ A together on your keyboard to highlight all the songs.

Go to the Actions Menu, and then to Actions (Quick).

Select Format Value in the list >
Select TITLE in the field >

Then enter this string in the Format String box to remove all numbers from all Titles of your songs:


You can remove numbers from the other fields too just put the field name in between the two percentage % signs.

Even though the use of "Format value" and scripting functions is a valid alternative, your expression removes only a single-digit number and also leaves the probably existing space character following the number.
would take care of longer numbers and possible trailing spaces.

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Thanks i found that one on the forum and have used it and it removed all the numbers in all the tracks for me in a chosen field, but indeed it does still leave spaces.

Edit: For files starting with numbers and other characters i've just found it easier to just remove a certain number of leading characters instead because it also removes any spaces in between numbers or letters. How to remove a certain number of leading chars?

If it starts with 2 numbers then type in 4 between the brackets because it counts the spaces as characters, and if it starts with 3 numbers type 5 between the brackets.

If something should happen and the numbers end up somewhere else in the filename, title or another field then that first format string will remove all the numbers nicely wherever they may be.