Allow additional file types for "Text file - Tag" converter

When selecting a file while using the "Text file - Tag" converter, the file selection is restricted to TXT and CSV files.
I suggest that the file selector should have the option to open any file type, so that other plain text files can be selected.
Alternatively, the list of allowable file types could be expanded to include other plain text files, such as LOG, NFO, CUE, ACCURIP etc.

This will allow a work-around to overcome the problem reported here:

If you enter *.* in the file selection box as file name, you see all files in the selected folder. They will be treated like text files.
But I agree that it would be nice to have that mask *.* as additional option in the selection list for file types.

I've added *.log as additional text-file extension and also added the option to choose "All files (*.*)" as file filter with Mp3tag v2.99b.


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