Amazon ASIN search

I wrote a couple of custom scripts based on Florian and Dano's Amazon cover art script. The first grabs the Album Art and ASIN from Amazon, writing the ASIN to the "usertext" field. The second only changes your usertext tag to the ASIN, which I use for albums that I already have art for but no ASIN.

One tweak that I made from Florian's script is that by default this one searches based on both artist and album title -- I don't know how many times I had to type the artist name into the search field before I learned to change the script myself. (There are too many albums by different artists that have the same name.)

Amazon_Cover_ASIN.src (3.29 KB)

Amazon_ASIN_only.src (2.94 KB)

Thanks a lot for sharing your code with us. Unfortunatley it seems not to be working anymore. Maybe it's just me, but probably Amazon has changed something with their configuration. I and surely many others here would be enormously glad if one day you have a second to look into this ... (sorry, I'm a zero, otherwise I would have helped out :smiley: )