Amazon Cover Art not connecting?

Seems like the last few times I've tried the TAG SOURCES/COVER ART/AMAZON.COM I am always getting "Error connecting to server:" message. Whats up???

Error 503 Service Unavailable

Huh? I'm not sure I follow this at all? Quotas? Scripts? I'm just trying to connect to get album art. So whats really going on???

same here - I'm having to go to amazon & copy / paste images as a workaround.
have / changed how their servers work ?

What kind of magic, do you think, performs the download? There is a script involved and using the tag sources functions triggers a script.
Amazon has apparently installed a counter that allows only so and so many scripts in each hour.
If you do not like that - go and complain at Amazon.

If I know for certain it's Amazon's fault, I'll be glad to talk to them. However, it seems odd that every time I've tried the process in the last 8-10 days it's failed. Seems odd to me. Are we sure they didn't change something that broke the script magic?

It's limited to 2000 requests per hour. If you get the 503 error you must wait until the next hour starts, then try again.

If you only want covers I'd use this tool instead, it searches multiple sites and has a preview:
You can add it as tool in Mp3tag.