Amazon Plug In

Hello Friends,

i have searched tags on amazon and found it at:

when i enter the search string in mp3tag it does not find it! ???

i think an option to insert link from amazon! or general to insert any link from website,
where the software scanns for some cd like tags, ... and promts how to fill in. ??

i have no idea where to place this error/suggestion

thanks alot for the good work

The item you found at amazon is an MP3-Album, not a CD.
The Amazon webscript looks for CDs.

There used to be a very good websource-script for mp3s fom the user dano, but it is no longer maintained.

ok i found the app album art downloader, this is a very helpful tool, maybe you can have a look at this and integrate it in mp3tag. happy marriage

See this thread
Cover importieren mit Album Art Downloader XUI
although it is in German, you will recognize the command line parameters that allow you to call AAD as a tool.
So it is already in MP3tag, in a way.